Youth Projects

We have expertise in co-designing with young people youth-led social action projects of local, national and international impact.

Our Institute works with young people from all backgrounds, but our focus is on those with fewer opportunities. Through our user-led programmes, every year we engage with hundreds of marginalised and vulnerable individuals including BAME groups, migrants, refugee and asylum seeking women, and victims of crime. 

We have expertise in youth projects aiming to improve human rights and equality, democratic engagement and European citizenship, reduction of poverty and community tensions as well as increase in community cohesion.

Our expertise also includes supporting youth at risk in building resilience against anti-social behaviour and crime. We are one of the world’s leaders in the area of prevention against violent youth radicalisation. We have created our own resilience model, RJiNEAR, which has been piloted in various settings and has been recommended by European bodies and crime prevention agencies from around the world

Youth Volunteering at RJ4All

RJ4All was set up and is largely run by volunteers from all corners of the world. We are behind this website, and most of us are below the age of 25! That is why we feel passionate about providing our peers with high quality volunteering that is structured through national programmes (e.g. NCS) , European (e.g. ESC ) or international (e.g. UN). 

What we offer at RJ4All independently of your background, location or age:

  • High quality volunteering and internship opportunities that are structured either as office-based or remote placements aiming to increase individual skills and confidence levels
  • Opportunities to work within the following areas : equality, human rights, restorative justice, race and gender equality, youth policy and youth crime, radicalisation. We aim to help deliver the European Youth Strategy and its Youth Goals
  • Cover all out-of-pocket expenses
  • Allocated experts to  act as mentors/ supervisors
  • Task related support from day 1 . This includes a clear role description and work plan, bi-weekly supervisions and weekly staff-volunteers’ meetings.
  • Accreditation and certification including CPD accreditedonline and face to face courses on human rights, restorative justice, research, campaigning and justice.
  • A certificate of completion recording hours of volunteered work .

European Youth Citizenship

At RJ4All, we believe that we are stronger together and that the European values of Freedom, Respect, Equality and Dignity unite us under a European citizenship. That is why we support young European to campaign towards achieving this unity, and empower them to have a voice in local, national and international decision making. 

We host the youth-led FRED campaign, and hold youth citizenship projects funded by Erasmus+, Horizon, JUST, CERV, the UN, the Council of Europe and many other international bodies promoting European citizenship. 

RJ4All Publications, our publishing arm, publishes the world’s leading peer reviewed Youth Voice Journal giving young people a voice in academia and influencing and informing youth policy and practice through ground breaking research.