RJ4All Europe Team

Dr Theo Gavrielides
RJ4ALL Europe Founder & Director
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Anna Fosse-Galtier
RJ4ALL Europe Project Manager
Sofia Sideridou
RJ4ALL Europe Project Manager
Katerina Kalafati
RJ4ALL Europe Project Manager
Iro Michael
RJ4All Europe Project Consultant
Linh Nguyen
RJ4ALL Europe Communications Officer
Rita Seneca
RJ4ALL Europe Associate
Marianna Iosif
RJ4All Europe Intern
Arthur Gaillard
RJ4All Europe Project Officer

RJ4All Europe Board

Prof. Dr. Theo Gavrielides
Founder & Board Member
Nick Johnson
Board member
James Walker
Board member
Prof. Dr. Verity Brown
Board member
Dr Felicity Gerry KC
Board member
John Grounds
Board member

RJ4All Patrons & Honorary Vice Presidents

We are proud to have well distinguished patrons who are enthusiastic supporters of our work. We also award the title of honorary vice-president to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the organisation.

Patrons and vice-presidents give their support to our organisation, helping us to achieve our charitable objectives locally, nationally and internationally. Our Patrons do not have executive powers. They represent RJ4All using their lived experiences and expertise. As a non-party political non-profit NGO that is led by its users, our Patrons are inclusive and scrutinised by our User Scrutiny Panels.

Ben Lyon
Honourary Vice-President
Professor Howard Williamson
Honorary Vice-President
Professor John Braithwaite
Sir Bob Neil MP
Professor Maya Soetoro-Ng
Professor George Pavlich
Kay Pranis
Professor Shadd Maruna
Irene Santiago
Simon Israel
Dr. Martin Wright

RJ4All Europe Research Ethics Committee

As an international institute, RJ4All is committed to carrying out research and producing only high-quality publications that conform to internationally accepted research rules and ethics. We have a publishing house, RJ4All Publications, that is a world-class publisher in social and policy sciences and is supported by several editorial boards.  

When conducting fieldwork research, especially when this involves vulnerable individuals, we always undergo Research Ethics approval. To this end, we have a standing Research Ethics Committee, which reviews our research ethics applications.

Dr. Theo Gavrielides
Founder & Director of RJ4All, UK
Dr. Verity Brown
University of East London and University of St. Andrews, UK
Prof. Howard Williamson
Professor of European Youth Policy at University of South Wales, UK
Dr. Jane Bolitho
University of East London and University of St. Andrews, UK
Dr. Lorenn Walker
JD, MPH, Director, Hawai’i Friends of Restorative Justice, Associate Professor of Practice, University of Hawai’i, USA
Dr. Kenneth R. Lang
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Grenville State College, USA
Dr. Paul Kiff
Former Head President of the European Society of Criminology, UK
Dr. Anna Matczak
Lecturer in Comparative Criminology, Hague University, the Netherlands