RJ4All Europe strategy (2023-26)

The process

As a user-led and need-driven NGO, RJ4All Europe constructs its long-term strategy in qpartnertnership with its service users, Board, staff, interns and volunteers. We meet to debate and ultimately sign off our strategy for doing our work and delivering our vision and mission. These debates are informed by several drafts that had been informed by ongoing debates with external stakeholders about why we exist, our focus, messages, work and impact.

Alongside these discussions, we carry out reviews of the external environment. These help us understand our place within the charity sector, education, equality, youth and the justice system. 

The reviews examine trends in attitudes and look at the private and government funding environments.

The purpose

Our strategy is reviewed every three years to ensure that our actions and strategic objectives are aligned with the changing political, policy and financial environments. As an international NGO we assess these changes against our vision and mission and adjust our objectives accordingly.

We make our strategy a public document so that anyone who supports, funds or takes our services can hold us into account. The strategy document is not a theoretical paper, but a journey through which RJ4All conceptualises day-to-day efforts amongst its diverse team who are committed to strengthening the local and international communities that they serve.

RJ4All Europe's vision, mission & ethos


A world that embraces the restorative justice values, and where power abuse is no longer.


To advance across Europe and the world community cohesion and human rights through the dissemination of power.


User-led project design; accountability and responsibility; honouring and practising our founding values of power-sharing, equality, dignity & respect.

Our Key Strategic Aims

Identify and respond to current European and world social needs by generating evidence-based solutions through action research and user involvement.

Enable people and organisations from across Europe to come together to share and communicate best practice, locally, nationally and internationally.

Promote the European restorative justice values of equality, dignity, respect, and power sharing through international campaigns, projects and services.

To influence and inform social policy through evidence-based arguments and the piloting of innovative, user-led models of practice, locally, nationally and internationally.

Deliver our 4 strategic aims by building the appropriate organisational capacity with sustainable income, and through partnership work with like-minded organisations from across Europe and the world.

Our strapline: Addressing power abuse

We believe that power abuse at the local, national and international levels is the silent driver of most inequalities and community tensions. Therefore, our overarching aim is articulated in our strapline focusing on rooting out persistent inequalities and promoting European citizenship and human rights as these are articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2 minutes video by our founder: Rebalancing power